Favorite Photo, May 22

Danielle, Columbus Ohio
Danielle, Portrait, Columbus Ohio. May 22, 2008.

Danielle and I were creating portraits in my studio for both of our portfolios. In this image I was going for a classic look with minimal contrast. As you can see from the catchlights in her eyes, I used two studio lights aimed at her face. The main light was up and to camera left and the fill light, which was only dialed down a bit, was up and to camera right. A third studio light is behind her and high to the right, putting a highlight on her hair. This is my favorite images for this date, and one of my all time favorite portraits. I made display prints of this image in several sizes from wallet size up to 16×20 inches.

Danielle, Figure Study, Columbus Ohio. May 22, 2008.

After doing classic portraits we went for something entirely different. Our goal was to create a classic figure study that was dreamy, elegant, and beautiful. This is my other most favorite image for this date.


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