Favorite Photo, May 7

Green Anole's shadow on a Palmetto Frond
Green Anole Shadow, Palmetto Frond, Florida. May 7, 2001.

I was visiting a friend in the Orlanda area. Knowing I loved photography, he took me to the Environmental Studies Center, Spring Hammock Preserve, Seminole County, Florida.

I spotted a green anole who seemed to favor a small specific area. It stopped more than once on one particular palmetto bush.  When it left for a nearby tree, I lay down on my back in the wet, smelly, muck under the palmetto bush, metered the sunlight filtering through the fronds over my head, and waited. The anole returned to the same bush and paused briefly on one of the palmetto fronds. I quickly focused (all my lenses were manual focus back then), clicked the shutter, and the anole was gone. I did not know until I got my slide film back that I got the shot. Had I not pre-metered the sunlight coming through the frond (the camera was manual metering only) I would have missed the shot.

I was so pleased to capture the anole’s shadow on the frond.

A friend of mine asked me to submit this image to the National Wildlife Federation. They were doing a photo contest. They picked this image as the photo of the week. 

This is my favorite photo for May 7 and it is far and away one of my all time favorite wildlife images.

Graceland University Choirs, Grove City Ohio. May 7, 2018.

I was in Grove City Ohio photographing the Graceland University Choirs in concert. During the intermission the choir members were out in the lobby. Low angled sunlight was streaming through the windows. This young woman momentarily stepped into the sunlight. I grabbed my camera to capture a casual portrait. I love this light. This is my second place favorite image for this date.

OSU - Mansfield Campus, Ohio. May 7, 2016.
OSU – Mansfield Campus, Ohio. May 7, 2016.

It was 8:10 am on a Saturday morning. I had arrived early at the OSU campus in Mansfield Ohio to set up for an all day photography workshop that would begin at 9 am. I stopped just long enough to grab a picture of the gear I use to do a workshop. I carry a lot of stuff. The workshop room has a built in digital projector but I bring another projector. Sometimes I use two projectors at once. The suitcase at the bottom left has a bunch of photo stuff, including closeup gear that I loan out during the closeup photography session

This is my third favorite photo for May 7.


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