Favorite Photo, April 6

Bridget, Corolla North Carolina. April 6, 2019.
Bridget Doty, Corolla North Carolina. April 6, 2019.

It was a wedding on the beach. It had rained the night before and the sand was cold and wet. It was also chilly and windy. None of that mattered. It was a great day. I wanted a happy photo of my niece’s face. This is my favorite image for April 6.

Bridget and Thomas, Corolla North Carolina. April 6, 2019.

Bridget and Thomas met on a cruise, April 6, 2017. When it came time to set a wedding date, they picked the dater they met. My brother John is the officiant. There were many happy moments and a few humorous ones during the wedding. This is one of them.

Rainbow over Bridget and Thomas, Coro9lla North Carolina. April 6, 2019.

The sun popped out at the end of the day, hitting the rain soaked clouds over the Atlantic Ocean. It was a perfect end to the day. Everyone was snapping pictures like crazy.

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan. April 6, 2010.

It is always with a bit of a thrill that I see the Mackinac Bridge. At five miles from anchorage to anchorage, it was the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere at the time it was completed.

On this particular evening I wanted to capture the reflection of the lights in the water


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