Favorite Photo, April 5

Creme Drop, Columbus Ohio. April 5, 2016.

I know what you are thinking. This is not an impressive photo. You are right. It isn’t. But this is one of the two favorite photos I found for April 5 in my “favorite photos” folder. But this is a special photo.

Since I was a small boy, Vanilla Creme Drops, have been a favorite of mine. At our annual Christmas program at church in Pueblo Colorado, Santa always came and passed out bags of goodies. Each bag had a few creme drops. I loved them.

Each year at Christmas I would head to the candy section at the nearby Walgreen’s and buy a bag of Vanilla Creme Drops. But in 2016 there were none to be found. Unknown to me at the time, Melissa (my wife) checked several candy stores but she came up empty too.

Some time after Christmas we were chatting with some good friends. The creme drop dilemma came up in the conversation. To surprise me, these friends went searching for creme drops online and found them on eBay. What a nice surprise when they gave the bag to me.

I rationed creme drops over a long period of time. On April 5, before I ate the very last creme drop, I took a picture.

So this photo isn’t just about a creme drop. It is about special friends and the lengths to which they go to do special things for each other. It is one of my two favorite photos for this date.

Bridget Doty, Corolla North Carolina. April 5, 2019.

We were in North Carolina this month for my niece’s wedding. We went out on the porch the day before the wedding to do some natural light portraits. This is my other favorite photo for April 5.


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