Snowy Owls in Colorado: Do it Now!

Snowy Owl sightings in the United States, December 2017.

Now is your chance to see and photograph snowy owls in Colorado. Don’t miss it. This is a rare opportunity. There was not a single snowy owl sighting reported in Colorado all of last winter. The map above shows snowy owl sightings for the month of December 2017. Snowy Owls like cold and snow. A 20 degree uptick in the temperature and the sightings could all end for this winter. Go now.

Snowy Owl sightings in the United States, December 2016.

This map shows snowy owl sightings for a year ago, December 2016. If you lived in Colorado you had to drive all the way to South Dakota or Minnesota to see a snowy owl in the wild.

I checked all the the areas with snowy owl sightings in Colorado for December 2017 and all of the sightings are old (12 days or older) with one exception. If the sightings are 12 days old that means the snowy owl that was in the area has long since moved on.

Snowy Owl sightings, December 2017, Standley Lake area.

The one exception is the area around Standley Lake near Westminster and Broomfield which is northwest of Denver. I clicked on one of the red pins so you could see the list of sightings at that spot.

To learn how to set up and read an eBird Snowy Owl map, go here.

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