Why Use Off Camera Flash?



Why use an off-camera flash? It gives you more lighting options. And much of the time, the light from an off-camera flash is just plain better. The image above was created with one flash to camera right.

Once the flash is off the camera, you can put it anywhere to get the light and shadows you want. This image was created with one flash high and to camera right, providing dramatic directional light. On-camera flash would not be nearly so effective.

For this image Image I wanted dark, dramatic shadows which were created with one flash far to camera left and almost even with the model.

For more even lighting, this portrait was created with two flashes, one to camera left and one high and to camera right. The flash to camera left was on a lower power setting, creating some shading and contouring of the face.

There are a lot of options for getting your flash off the camera and it will make a big difference in your photography.

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