Solar Flares During the Total Eclipse

Solar flares on the sun’s western and southwestern limb. Click for a larger version.

It was my goal to capture the sun’s corona during totality of the solar eclipse, but I was not expecting solar flares. That was a happy accident because there just happened to be giant solar eruptions on the sun’s western limb during the eclipse.

As soon as totality arrived I removed my solar filter and began taking bracketed exposures of totality. The best exposure for the solar flares was ISO 800, f/11, 1/400 second and that was still a bit too bright. I had to tone down the exposure in Adobe Camera Raw. I think 1/800 second would have been even better. In the longer exposures which show the corona best, the solar flares disappear in the bright white of the corona.

This is another view of the solar flares. They are all concentrated on the west and southwest limb. West on the sun is to the right, East to the left, and North at the top.

Solar eruptions as totality ends.

As totality ended there were all kinds of solar eruptions visible around the sun’s western limb. It was a magnificent display. You can see how the white corona bends in arcs around the flares at the northwest limb. I needed a shorter shutter speed but there just wasn’t time as the sun became dramatically brighter.

This was my first total solar eclipse and it was extraordinary to experience.

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