State by State Eclipse Totality Maps

Totality Map 1 – Oregon

Eclipse totality maps from Oregon to South Carolina. If you have to make some big changes in your preferred eclipse location based on last minute weather changes, you will need a quick way to find an alternate location. These maps will be a big help. Just stay between the red lines and the closer you are to the blue line the longer totality will last. Click each map for a larger version.

Totality Map 3 – Wyoming

Totality Map 4 – Nebraska & Kansas

Totality Map 5 – Missouri & Illinois

Totality Map 6 – Tennessee

Totality Map 7 – Georgia & South Carolina

For the best high res maps go to:


The Great American Eclipse Series

The Great American Eclipse Series   –  All of my eclipse articles are listed at this link. Check back for new articles as they appear.

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