Eclipse Weather Information

AccuWeather posted this map some time prior to noon on August 14, 2017.

Links to eclipse weather information. The AccuWeather map above was posted here. Keep a close eye on the weather and be prepared to make a last minute location change.

Screen capture: NOAA Sky Cover Prediction map (lower numbers are better) for Sunday, August 20. The predictions for August 21 will not be available until August 15.

The third map from the top on this page will allow you to view predictions for the percentage of sky cover anywhere in the US from the current date to 7 days in the future. Choose your area of the country, the type of forecast you want (use the upper left drop down menu for “sky cover”) and drag the slider at the top right of the map to the day you want.

Eclipse weather forecast from the Washington Post as of August 11, 2017. I have not been able to find an update for this map.

The links below are available at a variety of other eclipse sites but they are occasionally hard to access as more and more people go to those sites, so I am making these links available here.

US Infrared Satellite Map

A fantastic cloud-cover forecast map from El Dorado Weather

The best eclipse weather preview you’ll find anywhere!
(from the eclipse weather maestro himself – Jay Anderson!)

Historical cloud cover charts

Archived satellite imagery for eclipse day from previous years!

Clear-sky charts for the 2017 eclipse path

NASA’s page with satellite photos of fires that could affect eclipse visibility

A great page from the University of Wisconsin, showing cloud cover

Weather Forecasts for selected cities in the path:

North Carolina
South Carolina


The Great American Eclipse Series

The Great American Eclipse Series   –  All of my eclipse articles are listed at this link. Check back for new articles as they appear. This is the 27th article in the series.

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