Download High Resolution Public Domain Images by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, Grand Canyon National Park

Ansel Adams, Grand Canyon National Park

The U.S. National Archives decided to make available over 200 of the high resolution public domain photos taken by Ansel Adams. You can download them here.

Ansel Adams worked for the National Park Service in the 1941. Those photos are in the public domain. In 2011 National Archives decided to make some of those photos available for download as high resolution files.


Wikimedia Commons: 2011 Ansel Adams donation from the U.S. National Archives – Wikimedia is the quickest way to see all photos in one place. Click on a photo to bring up the option to download a high resolution file.

Bringing Ansel Adams to Wikimedia Commons

U.S. National Archives, Ansel Adams Photographs – This is a list of the images by location. To download an image click on the title of the photo in the column on the right.

You Can Play Ansel Adams with His Images in Your Digital Darkroom – Why not? I show you how to take the original of the above image and create your own version.