Finding the Peak Fall Color at the Best Locations

Autumn, Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Fall color is sweeping the country. To make the most of it, you want to be at the right place at the right time. With some help from the internet, I will help you find the best fall color locations at the peak of the season.

Aspen, Marshall Pass, Colorado

Aspen, Marshall Pass, Colorado

The fall color season progresses from north to south and from higher elevations to lower elevations. Peak fall color in Denali National Park is usually in the last week of August. The aspen at higher elevations in Rocky Mountain National Park turn a week or two ahead of lower elevations (mid to late September). In Colorado’s San Juan mountains, many of the aspen hit their peak in the first week of October. Peak color in Michigan’s U.P. occurs a week or two ahead of locations in Michigan’s lower peninsula (late September to mid October).

Autumn Leaves, Banff National Park

Autumn Leaves, Banff National Park

With a little planning and some help from the internet, you can find the best locations and avoid the disappointment of arriving too early or too late to get the photos you want. There are a number of Web sites to help you out. Some sites (like this interactive map for New Hampshire) help you plan ahead by telling you the usual time of year that the leaves hit their peak color for a given area. If your travel plans are flexible, better yet are the sites that give you actual reports on a regular basis (like this one for Michigan’s Western U.P.). Some sites have forums where people log in to post reports and pictures. Some sites recommend the best fall color drives and locations. I just updated my Colorado Fall Color Travel Guide with 97 pages of information (if you print it all out) 104 photos and 17 maps.  Darren Kilgore’s guide to fall color in Colorado (at the Internet Archive) has excellent advice with an emphasis on western and southwestern Colorado.

Aspen, Marshall Pass, Colorado

Aspen, Marshall Pass, Colorado

I have collected a wide variety of fall color sites for the U.S. to help you arrive at the locations of your choice when the color looks great. Be sure to check out a variety of sites, including the nationwide sites at the bottom of the page. These fall color pages become active at different times during the fall. Some pages will still have last year’s reports until the fall color arrives, and some pages won’t even be available until the color season starts for that area. Check out these Fall Color Reports and Tours, make plans, grab your camera, and go have fun!

Autumn on the Taiga.  Denali National Park.

Autumn on the Taiga. Denali National Park.

These sites become active at different times in the fall so you may need to come back to as they become active. Some of them will still have last years reports which will give you an advance idea when the color arrives in that area.

Creating the Best Fall Color Images

You are at a beautiful location at the right time of year. Now what?

Capturing beautiful fall color images means working with the light and knowing what kind of images to capture for the existing lighting conditions. Strong, warm, directional sidelight means capturing a different kind of subject than in soft, diffused, neutral light. Capturing beautiful images always means understanding the nuances of exposure for the best color tonalities, choosing between grand and intimate landscapes, working with high and low contrast situations, picking the best filter, increasing or decreasing depth of field, and a whole lot more. You can find all of this in my book, Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies in the chapters on exposure, working with the light, controlling depth of field, and landscape photography. It is one of the highest rated photography books at An order link is below.

Fall Maple Leaves, Michigan's U.P.

Fall Maple Leaves, Michigan’s U.P.


My guide to Fall Color Reports and Tours.

Colorado Fall Color Travel Guide

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