How Many Identities Can One Man Have Before You Get Suspicious? Would You Believe 17?

Either this guy is one of the the busiest and most talented men on the planet or something is very suspicious. I found 17 different identities for this guy that are fit to share in this article (and some that aren’t).

Posted July 10, 2016. Links section updated January 24, 2018.

Let’s go through them. You can click on most of the screen captures below to see a larger version and you can also go to the links where I originally found each of the ads. All links are current as of the posting of this article (July 10, 2016).

Here we go.

1. Rolf Guderian, Stuttgart, Lead Technologist for HD360X lenses

HD360X Lenses

I first found this guy in an ad for HD360X lenses. In this is ad he is the “lead technologist” for the company that makes these lenses (if you happen to believe the ad). This looks like a new name for the LUX HD450 company that I warned about in this article. LUX HD450  takes a set of three smart phone lenses you can buy on Amazon for about $7 to $10 and sells them for $50 or more.  HD360X appears to be doing the same thing and even using some of the same photos. Caveat emptor.

2. Pretend Sex Offender

Sex Offender Meme

Ah yes, at this site you can create your own sex offender meme with this guy’s face. He isn’t a real sex offender. Just a pretend one on the internet.

3. Brian O., Happy Foot and Ankle Customer

Foot and ankle customer.

Every foot and ankle doctors wants happy customers to share testimonials. Brian O does just that at this doctor’s site. This really inspires confidence in the doctor doesn’t it?!

4. Ken Rogan, Synergy Electric

Ken Rogan at the Happy Contractor

Ken Rogan is very happy with the referrals he gets from the Happy Contractor.

5. Hal Burton, “Sample Family”

Hal Burton, Sample Family

Yes, in today’s “sample family” (at this site) our guy is Hal Burton who teaches chemistry at Ohio Valley Community College.

6. Tomas Novotny, Prague, Happy Czech Traveler

Tomas Novotny, Czech Traveler

No Czech travel site is complete without happy customers like Tomas Novotny.

7. Ike M, NHL Sports Handicapper

Ike M, Sports Handicapper

With 15 years experience as an NHL sports handicapper (according to this site), I am sure you want to pay Ike for his advice.

8. India, Stone Exporter

Ragasthan Stone Exporter

I am not sure what our guy’s name is, or even his job title, but he is in India doing something for Rajasthan Stone Exporter.

9. André Carvalho de Moraes, Brazil

André Carvalho de Moraes, Brazil

Too bad I don’t speak Portugese or I could tell you whether or not Google’s translation of this site is correct and André Carvalho de Moraes is a politician.

10. Andrew, Poland, Hair Loss Customer

Hair loss customer, before and after photos.

It is a terrible think to lose your hair, even in Poland. But as you can see from Andrew’s before and after photos,  this company can help you out.

11. David Tumwell, Kansas City, Happy with His Business Broker

Business Broker

When you need to sell your business, you need a business broker.

David Tumwell, satisfied customer.

David Tumwell is happy to recommend one.

12. Jay Schelski, Happy Guitar Course Purchaser

Jay Schelski

If you want to learn guitar, Jay Schelski recommends the course on this site.

13. George Treviño, Texas, Happy Guitar Video Buyer

George Treviño

If you want to buy another product from the same company, George Treviño from Texas is happy to recommend them. Try not to confuse George with Jay Schelski.

14. Roger Cutts, Washington, Bought an Eye Improvement Exercise Program

Roger Cutts, Washington

You don’t need to waste money on expensive glasses. Just ask Roger Cutts. By an eye exercise program from this company instead.

15. Blogger, El Paso, Netherlands

Our guy lived in El Paso for 40 years and now lives in the Netherlands. But he still wants to write about El Paso at this site.

16. Rolf Guderian, Stuttgart, Lead Technologist for Aerify Air Purifiers

Rolf Guderian, Air Purifier Company

Sound familiar? Is this the same guy we started with? It is. Same name, same city. But a different job for an air purifier company. There is no end to this man’s talents.

17. C. Sawyer, Glasgow, Happy Purchaser of an Information Publishing Business

Apparently our man Sawyer bought a bunch of information on eBay that is going to make him wealthy.

I think 17 different identities is plenty for one man don’t you? (I found more but they aren’t fit to print.) But he does show up in another – well – different kind of place.

Granite Headstone

A granite headstone (on this site). Just thought you’d want to know.

Who is he, really?


Galina Barskaya

At some point in time our guy posed for Galina Barskaya who is a photographer in San Jose, California. So he might be a model. Or maybe just someone she knows.

“Happy Businessman” at Shutterstock

She is represented by Shutterstock, a stock photo agency who makes our guy’s image available for industry standard rates. So you or I or anyone else can buy one time rights to use this image. I have no problems with that. Legitimate companies buy stock photos all the time to illustrate their ads. All of those doctors and nurses and cowboys and plumbers you see in ads might just be actors or models, but you already knew that.

The problem is when some companies make up fake people with fake names and use stock photos to illustrate them. That isn’t the stock photo agencies fault. The fault lies with the companies who misuse the stock photos (or steal them from someone else). One thing is clear. You can’t believe everything you see and read.

Strange things happen on the internet. So everybody be careful out there.

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