iOptron SkyTracker and Ball Head

iOptron Sky Tracker

iOptron SkyTracker in black. Older version.

iOptron’s SkyTracker has a become a very popular way to do astrophotography on a budget using your own camera and lenses. The SkyTracker tracks the motion of the earth so you don’t get star trails in your long photos of the night sky.

Posted March 8, 2016. Updated Dec. 5, 2017.

iOptron Ball Head

iOptron Ball Head

You mount the SkyTracker on your tripod. A ball head sits on the SkyTracker (you can order iOptron’s ball head or use a ball head you already have), and your camera and lens go on the ball head. The ball head comes with a camera mounting plate. The ball head is Arca-Swiss compatible so you can use your own mounting plates if you already have an Arca-Swiss type system.

The iOptron’s SkyTracker comes with a polar alignment scope. Aligning this scope properly with Polaris is essential to long exposures of the night sky. There are alignment apps you can use on your smart phone, or you can use the free downlaodable charts created by Michael Covington.

iOptron SkyTracker, latest version

As of the date of this update (Dec. 5, 2017), the latest version of the SkyTracker currently sells for $269 at There is also a heavy duty version for $428. The ball head is $58.

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What kind of photos can you take? Here are some examples at Flickr from the iOptron Sky Tracker & Sky Guider Imaging Flickr Group.

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