My Favorite Introduction to Landscape Photography

Joseph Lange, How To Photograph Landscapes

Joseph Lange, How To Photograph Landscapes

I was packing the car for a 10 day trip to Iowa, and I picked out a few essential photography books to take with me. My plan was to revisit them in preparation for one of my upcoming nature photography workshops. When I unpacked in Iowa, Joseph Lange’s How to Photograph Landscapes was missing. Oh No!

It wasn’t the end of the world, but this is my favorite book to recommend to beginning landscape photographers. It packs more useful information into its pages than most bigger landscape photography books. And it is an older book and getting harder to come by.  I wanted to look through it again while I was revising my landscape presentation for the workshop. (Before every workshop, I go back over the presentations and look for things I want to update, tweak, revise, delete, and add.) Time for Plan B, I would look through the book when I got back home.

I arrived back home and couldn’t find the book. I have no idea what happened between pulling the book off the shelf and when I was going to pack it in my car. I looked again, starting with another search of the car, then the garage in case I dropped it out there, and then inside the house. No book.

So I went online and ordered it with Amazon’s free (Prime) two day shipping. It arrived on time. Amazon doesn’t always come through when they promise two day shipping, but this time they did.

Thanks, Amazon!


Joseph Lange’s How to Photograph Landscapes (at my Amazon photography store).

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