A Nurse Working in Seven Countries? Seriously?

Like so many other graphics on Facebook, this one does not get high marks for factual accuracy. But what really intrigues me as a photographer are the happy “Danish” faces, especially the nurse that works in at least 7 countries. Tracking the photos down was my fun project for the day. Thanks to Google’s reverse image search it didn’t take long.

The two photos on the left look like real slice of life photos, and in fact they are. Both  photos were taken in Denmark. The children are at an outdoor school in Copenhagen and the people in the photo at lower left are working at a McDonalds.

But the photos of the nurse and the man with his feet on the desk look like carefully staged “stock photos”, created to sell to whoever wants to use them in their publications and on their web sites. The photo of the man (lower right) appeared on a German web site in 2013, a Russian web site in 2014, and now he is “Danish” in this graphic. But my favorite is the happy nurse. Boy does she get around as you will see in the photos below. Spain, the U.S., Mexico, Russia, China, Turkey, and Australia. Maybe even Denmark too, but I doubt that.


This is as close to the original, uncropped photo as Google could come up with. This again looks like a carefully staged stock photo with the nurse in the foreground and the out of focus couple in the background with a baby. The baby is unseen and there may not even be a baby on the set.


Here is our nurse in Spain, accompanying an article on “Giving Birth in Spain”.


Being multi-talented, our nurse is now in an article on plastic surgery.  Same photo, but the couple and baby are mostly cropped out and for obvious reasons. Cosmetic surgery is a far cry from giving birth.


Ever the the world traveler, our nurse is now with E.A.P. in South Carolina in the U.S. The couple and baby must travel with her.


And here’s our nurse in Mexico.


And Russia.


And here is our nurse in China. The nurse, the couple, and the baby must really be racking up the frequent flyer miles.


Being fluent in many languages, it is no big deal for our nurse to be at Cumhuriyet University in Turkey.


And finally we get to the real reason our nurse is smiling. Small wonder – she is making $85,000 per year in Perth Australia. And in case you missed it, her name is Dawn. And she is single. And she is making a lot of money.

Or maybe not. And she might actually be a nurse, or she could be a model hired for this job. By now you should be suspicious of what you see and read on the internet.

And if the stock photo agency/photographer/”nurse” aren’t making a nice bit of change on the usage of this photo, they need a better business adviser.