You can’t go far wrong buying a recent model Digital SLR.  They are all good cameras and most of them are great cameras.

Over the last twelve months, the following DSLRs received a “Highly Recommended” rating from DP Review, their highest rating (with sensor size in megapixles – mp):

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 21 mp
Canon EOS 7D, 18 mp
Canon Digital Rebel T1i, 15.1 mp
Nikon D3X, 24.5 mp
Nikon D300S, 12.3 megapixels
Nikon D5000, 12.3 mp
Olympus E-620, 12.3 mp
Olympus E-30, 12.3 mp
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1, 12.1 mp
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, 12.1 mp
Pentax K-7, 14.6 mp

With so many cameras receiving the highest rating, which camera should you choose if you are in the market for a new DSLR?  The answer usually comes down to lenses. If you have a lens or set of lenses that you like, get a digital camera that will take your lenses.

If you need certain specialized lenses, then pick a camera brand that has the lenses you need.
If you don’t have any lenses, or your lenses don’t fit any of the current DLSRs, decide on your price range and pick out several models and brands of cameras in your price range.  Go to a well equipped camera store and try the cameras out to see how they feel and work in your hands. Narrow down your choices to your top two models.  Then rent both of your favorite models (with a lens) for a week (one week with each, not both at the same time). Online camera and lens rentals have become quite reasonable. A week with each camera will tell you which one you most like to work with.
And remember, you can’t go too far wrong with most any recent DSLR.