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I walked into Half Price Books and found Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs. The book itself is a real treasure. 400 hundred photos, one per page, with reproduction values as good as you are likely to find anywhere. The hardcover book, new, was selling for  $19.95. That sounded like a great price to me.

Just to be sure I grabbed my phone, went to, and searched for “400 photographs”. Up popped Adams’ hardcover book for $40 (screen capture above). That made the price at Half Price Books a real steal. So I bought it. Great book, published by Little Brown.

I love Ansel Adams and own a number of his books. He was one of the premiere black & white landscape photographers of the 20th century.  One of his classic images hangs over our fireplace, a gift from our children. One of they keys to becoming a better photographer is to look at great photography.

A word to the wise. Little Brown/NYGS is the only publisher authorized by the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust to publish his copyrighted works and the printing quality is impeccable. Prior to his death, Adams worked with Little Brown to insure the absolute best in printing quality and they have continued those high standards to this day. Other publishers are using his public domain photos and the printing quality is usually poor. At a book store recently I looked at books by several different publishers featuring photos by Ansel Adams. The reproduction values were poor and nothing like the high quality of the books and calendars printed by Little Brown/NYGS. NYGS (New York Graphic Society) is owned by Little Brown.

You can buy Adams’ books and calendars (link below) at my photography store which is powered by with Amazon’s great prices and excellent guarantee. And if you are looking for Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs, go to Half Price Books first.

I do have one puzzlement. When I did my search for “400 photographs” at Amazon, why was the second listing a book about raising chickens?


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You can buy Ansel Adams’ books and calendars in the Ansel Adams section of my photography store with direct links to

The Ansel Adams Gallery – the official site. This is best place to buy prints and posters of Adams’ photographs. The prices are quite reasonable and the reproduction qualities are excellent. Large posters are $20 – $30 unframed. Archival replicas (digitally created) start at $129. For a unique gift, “Yosemite Special Edition Photographs” are individually printed from the original negatives and are $295 unframed. If money is no object, you can by originals printed by Ansel Adams in a price range between $8,000 and $50,000.