Dandelion Puffball, iPhone Photo Inspired by Dewitt Jones

Dandelion Puffball

Dandelion Puffball

I was walking my dog in a dandelion filled park this week and I saw a few puffballs. My mind jumped immediately to a scene in a movie featuring Dewitt Jones, so I grabbed my iPhone and went to work creating the above image.  Who is Dewitt Jones? I am glad you asked.

Dewitt Jones is a world class photographer. I became acquainted with him through his columns in Outdoor Photographer magazine and the 20 years he was a photographer with the National Geographic. He works with first class clients doing commercial photography. Dewitt leads photography seminars (which I would love to participate in if I ever find myself in the right place at the right time). And he is one of the nations most sought after keynote speakers.

So what does this have to do with dandelion puffballs? A decade ago, I rented one of Dewitt’s movies to show to a group of church leaders.  In one scene he talks about photographing puffballs. Rather than give away the point of the scene (and Dewitt’s excellent images), I will send you to a shorter version of the movie which you can view online (just enter your email address to watch):

Celebrate What’s Right With the World

Be sure to check out the whole “Celebrate” site while you are there. You can sign up for his weekly celebrate photos.

The movie is as much about life and the paradigms you live by as it is about photography. And if Dewitt inspires you as much as he does me, you can buy a longer version of the movie (about 45 minutes) on DVD:

Extraordinary Visions

Photographers thrive on inspiration. Dewitt Jones is one of my valued sources.

I sent Dewitt an email with a link to this blog article and he sent me a reply.

Email from Dewitt Jones.

Originally posted May 9, 2014. Updated February 8, 2021.



Dewitt’s Keynote Speeches on DVD