Christmas Gifts for Photographers – 2013

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Gifts for Photographers

Looking for the best photo gifts for a photographer? You’ve come to the right place. I have dozens of gift recommendations with prices starting around $7.

(Originally posted Nov. 13, 2013. Updated Dec. 20, 2013.)

It is the time of year that I get asked a lot of questions from people who are buying gifts for photographers, or from photographers themselves wanting to drop hints along with a convenient set of links.

Each year I provide a series of articles about the best camera equipment, books, software, and online photo labs (and how to prepare your files to get the best results from an online photo lab).

Here are the articles.

The books on the recommended book lists are selected from my own photo library. From hundreds of books I picked the ones I have found to be the most helpful. Much of the photo gear I recommend is gear that I own. The rest of the recommendations come from the sources I trust, plus the experiences I have had helping hundreds of photographers with their own photo gear on photography field trips.

Photo equipment is pretty specialized. If you are buying photo equipment as a gift for the photographer in your life, ask for very specific hints (and send the photographer here).

As in past years, I will be updating the articles throughout the holiday season.

Happy Gift Giving!


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