American Astronomical Society Warns of Counterfeit & Fake Eclipse Glasses

Read this AAS article at the first link below. You could go blind wearing fake solar eclipse glasses and viewers. Just like in 2017, Chinese factories are selling fake eclipse glasses/viewers made to look like legit glasses/viewers.

I recommend Celestron eclipse glasses. My second choice is American Paper Products. See the links below.  High Point Scientific is a reliable company dealing in science related products. B&H and Adorama are a big, reliable photography stores in New York and they are two of my favorite online photo dealers. If B&H is out of Celestron viewers they will offer a viewer from American Paper Products. It is a high quality product too.  Celestron and American Paper Products are both highly recommended by the American Astronomical Society.

B&H still has Celestron solar binoculars which are great for viewing.

WARNING: Do NOT buy any eclipse products at Amazon! A few weeks ago it was safe, but with the recent flood of fake and unsafe eclipse products coming out of China, it is not possible to vet all the dealers that sell products on Amazon, or where those dealers bought their eclipse products. Dealers may unknowingly be buying fake Chinese products from intermediate dealers and selling them on or through Amazon. Stick with High Point Scientific, B&H Photo, and Adorama.

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