This Morning’s Best Photos

Greater Prairie Chicken

Some mornings I take our dog on a tour of the four local lakes. I always have a camera and at least three lenses with me. Our first stop was to see if the local Greater Prairie Chicken was out and about. He was.

Greater Prairie Chicken

He has become a favorite among local photographers and bird watchers and I have written about him before.

Western Meadowlark

At the first lake the prize photo op was a Western Meadowlark on a utility line.

Ross’s Goose and Canada Geese

My last favorite photo of the day was at the last lake. But it didn’t happen until the geese at the lake moved to a grassy area near the lake. A Ross’s Goose was hanging out with the local population of Canada Geese.

Not a bad morning for photography. As for our dog, we stopped at a lake with no waterfowl around, so I let him out to run around.