Selina, Downtown Columbus Ohio. January 29, 2010.

Selina, Downtown Columbus Ohio. January 29, 2010.

Selina and I created this image 14 years ago this evening. Some models are a dream to work with and Selina is one of them, which is why we did more than one photo shoot. The windchill when I took this photo was 4°F. We scheduled this photo shoot weeks ahead of time and we knew it would be cold in January, but not THIS bone chillingly cold. I contacted her before she left home and asked if she wanted to re-schedule. She wanted to go ahead with the shoot despite the forecast and she drove up from Kentucky.

My wife gets credit for this dress. Long before this shoot, we were walking through the mall and Wet Seal was having a two-for-one sale. She suggested we go inside and look for something that might be interesting for my photo shoots. We picked out two dresses and paid a total of $10 plus tax. Selina is wearing one of those two dresses. Selina brought the cool metallic thing hanging from her neck. She also brought plenty of other clothing options, but she really liked this short, gray dress.

The primary light source is an off camera flash mounted on a tripod out of sight to camera right. A flash on the camera with a lower power setting provided the fill light. Additional cool light in the sky and bouncing off the buildings is provided by the evening sky and warm light from the car is bouncing off the wall to camera left.

A lot of work went into creating this image. This is one of my favorite portraits.

If you have my photography book, Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies, and this image looks familiar, Selina is on page 217.  This photo also headlines my blog article on photographing models in the cold (link below).


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