Camera Gear for Trunk or Treat

Camera gear for Trunk or Treat.

This is the gear I will be taking to photograph Trunk or Treat, a big annual event in Lamoni Iowa. The camera with a 24-105mm lens will be hanging around my neck. The camera with the 70-300mm lens will be hanging from my right shoulder.  Two memory card wallets, one for each camera will be in my jacket pocket. The spare camera battery, which will fit either camera, will also be in my jacket pocket.

I put freshly charged batteries in each camera so it is very unlikely I will need the spare battery.  I doubt I will fill up the 8GB memory cards in the cameras, so I probably won’t need the spare memory cards but I have them just in case.

Sometimes for an event like this I will also take a small camera backpack with two  additional lenses, a 17-40mm lens, and a 15mm semi-fisheye lens. But I am leaving the backpack and extra lenses at home. What you see is all the gear I will be taking with me other than my iPhone.

In a future post I will share some photos from this event.