Lamoni’s U14 Soccer Team Wins Third Straight Championship

Carver (14) kicks the ball by two defenders to score.

It was a great season for Lamoni’s junior league soccer teams. Most Lamoni teams won most of their games and Lamoni’s undefeated “U14” team (ages 14 and under) won the end of season tournament, Saturday, September 23. A newspaper article and more photos follow the break.

This article appeared in the Lamoni Chronicle, October 5, 2023.

Three Championships in a Row!

by Jim Doty, Jr.

A huge congratulations to Lamoni’s “U14” (14 and under) soccer team. For the third year in a row, this group of 5th – 9th graders won the end of the season soccer tournament. Along with Coaches Olson and Cougill (and others who have coached in prior years), the team deserves credit for their efforts.

These are the players on this year’s team.  5th Grade: Aaron Requejo, Blayzen Flynn, Cayden Quigley, and Mirlande Jordison.  6th Grade: Carver Cougill, Cylan Short, Cyrus Herzberg, Dani Johnson, Darsey Dredge, Jacob Kinder, Masyn Elliott, Quinn Hosie, and Daniel Wang. 7th grade:  Camden Olson, Ethan Collins, Landon Rushing, Thomas Keddie, Wylie Bates, Terran Doty, and Haedyn Vogel. 8th Grade: Adellena Keddie, Derrick Gerke, and Logan Blackwood. 9th grade: Naliyah Nary.

Mirlande (5) scores a goal.

Cayden kicks the ball.

Camden scores.

Mirlande tussles for the ball and Addie comes in to help.

Terran kicks the ball.

Derrick brings the ball down the field.

Darsey (far left) scores a goal.

Landon brings the ball down the field.

Cylan gets into the action.

Darsey kicks the ball.

Quinn (left), Jacob, and Daniel watch Quinn’s kick go in the goal for a score.

Masyn gets the ball.

Mirlande races down the field with the ball.

Darsey controls the ball.

Carver scores.

Darsey goes for the ball.

Naliyah gets the ball.

Quinn clears the ball.

Dani goes for the ball as Wylie and Cyrus close in to help.

Terran kicks the ball.

Masyn fights for the ball.

Wylie kicks a goal as Blayzen and Masyn close in on the action.

Camden head bumps the ball for a goal.

Darsey scores a goal.


Jacob goes for the ball.

Cyrus races for the ball as Logan and Thomas move in.

Logan goes for the ball as Ethan moves in to help.