Concert at the Lamoni Listening Room

Kathryn Ross, Lamoni Listening Room.

I was at the Lamoni Listening Room to photograph two performers for the local newspaper. Kathryn Ross is from here in Iowa and Hannah Aldridge is from Nashville Tennessee.

All of the photos. Concert, Lamoni Listening Room.

Facial expressions are so variable and unpredictable that I take a lot of photos at concerts. In this case I created a total of 70 images which you can see in this screen capture from Adobe Bridge.

Concert, Adobe Bridge. Click to see a larger version.

I usually have Adobe Bridge set to show me 6 thumbnail images across the screen, three RAW images and the corresponding JPEG images. I can see a total of 12 different images at once (12 RAW and 12 JPEGs). I can quickly go through all the images and pick out the ones I like best. If I select an image and tap the spacebar, Bridge shows me an image that fills my monitor. By using the left and right arrows on the keyboard I can quickly go through all the images at a full monitor size. Tap the spacebar again and you are back at the thumbnail view. If I hit the plus (+) key on the keyboard, Bridge expands the image again to 100% (actual pixels) magnification.

Hannah Aldridge, Lamoni Listening Room.

I went through all 70 images and rated my favorite images three stars. Then I went through the three star images again and picked three for the newspaper, one of each artist and one of the two of them together.

Hannah Aldridge and Katharine Ross, Lamoni Listening Room.

When I send images to the Lamoni Chronicle I never know how many they will use. In this case they used all three.

Adobe Bridge is a free download and it is great software for renaming, keywording, and going through photos.

At this concert I was using a Canon SL3 DSLR body and a Canon 55-250mm lens. Both items were purchased as refurbished Canon gear and I was putting them through their paces to see how good they are. They worked well. They do not have all the bells and whistles of a camera and lens that cost 10 times as much, but they can get the job done.


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