Don’t Get Ripped Off! The Spade & Co Watch is a Scam!

If it sounds too good to be true . . . .

Don’t get scammed by fake review articles posted online by the company that sells the lousy product. This is just the latest example of a cheaply made Chinese product touted as a high tech wonder. The watch does not work as advertised.

In this case, the “review article”, which is really a thinly disguised ad, picks the Spade & Co fitness watch as the best fitness watch, and better than the best Apple and Fitbit watches. (Are you suspicious yet?)  But if you read real comments by real customers at responsible websites, you learn the watch is a “piece of junk” and the company is unresponsive if you want to exchange or return the watch.

Most customers reviewing the Spade & Co watch said the watch keeps time (at least for a while) but none of the fitness features work accurately if they work at all. Quite a few customers reported the watch quit working in a few weeks. It is just a cheaply made watch which will not stand the test of time. And good luck trying to getting the company to do anything about your defective watch.

There is a long list of complaint-filled, one star reviews at the BBB web site. As of today (April 11, 2022) there are 53 reviews at the BBB site, each and every one is from a customer that had an unhappy experience dealing with the company. You can read all of the reviews at the BBB link below. I also posted several reviews here. One customer (Ralph R) accidentally gave the company 5 stars but as you can see from his review (it is posted below), he is not pleased with the watch.

The Better Business Bureau gave this company a D+ rating.

Men’s Health, the New York Times, Tom’s guide, PC Magazine, TechRadar and other online sites have real reviews of the best fitness watches. For obvious reasons (if you have read the online reviews), the Spade & Co fitness watch is not recommended by any of these sources. Before you plunk down your money on this watch, go to the BBB web site and read some reviews, or look the the BBB reviews I posted below.

I usually don’t review items unrelated to photography, but this scam is so similar to the Chinese telephoto lens scam and the Chinese Starscope monocular scam that I just had to post a warning.

If you are looking for a quality fitness watch/tracker, check out the review articles below.


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