Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

I can’t believe it, but my “how to” photography book came out 11 years ago this month. I don’t mention my book very often on my photo blog, but this is the time of year I usually do that. Yes, this is a “crass commercial message”.

If you are looking for an excellent gift for a photographer, or for yourself, this is one of the highest rated photography books on Amazon, and one of the most comprehensive at 384 pages. It is highly recommended by both beginners and professional photographers.

In short, this is three photography books all rolled up into one.

1) A beginner’s guide to exposure.

2) A guide to advanced exposure techniques (no need to go out and buy a separate, advanced book as your skills improve).

3) A guide to portraits, landscapes, wildlife, flowers, sports and action, close-up photography, plus low light and night photography.

You will also learn how to “read” and work with the different qualities of light for more dramatic images, choose white balance settings for better image quality, use a flash on and off the camera, and how to use the histogram to insure your camera is getting the right kind of image data. You will also learn the common ways photographers make mistakes, and how to avoid them.


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