Lyn Marie, Backlit Portrait

Lyn Marie, Columbus Ohio. February 18, 2008
Lyn Marie, Columbus Ohio

Back lighting isn’t the usual way to do portraits, so it provides a nice change of pace.

The setup and lighting for this portrait was quite simple. I bought a white fabric and hung it from by backdrop stand. I put studio lights behind the fabric. Lyn Marie was on the floor of my studio so we would get a bit of her reflection on the floor.

My camera was right on the floor so I was flat on the floor so I could see through the camera.

The only tricky thing about creating this image (other than the pose) was the exposure. I set the studio lights and camera aperture to give me an exposure compensation of the fabric of around +3 or +4. I wanted to totally burn out the lighted fabric so the light would spill over Lyn Marie.