I Did It! I Bought It!

Leonard Nimoy’s Shekhina

In addition to being an actor who is best know for playing Spock on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy is also known for being a fine photographer. One of his best known photography exhibits was “Shekhina”, which also became a best selling book. You can learn more about the exhibit and book here and at the links below.

I was planning on buying a copy of Shekhina when Nimoy died but copies of his book shot up to $1,200 to $6,900, depending on the condition of the book.  That was way out of my price range. It is now five years later and prices have finally come back to normal. I spotted a good price at Amazon this spring and grabbed a copy. Five years is a long time to wait to buy a book!

Copies in fair to like new condition now range from $50 to $300. Order here at Amazon or at the Amazon link below.


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