Favorite Photo, July 29

Dancer, Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa. July 29, 2004.

It was the last night of SPECTACULAR and this interpretative dance was part of the closing Communion service.

It was an active dance so I had to pick moments when the dancer paused so I could get a sharp photo. To capture active moments I would have had to crank up the ISO quite a bit. This image was shot at ISO 800 and digital noise is already becoming an issue. Back in 2004 digital cameras were very noisy at ISO 3200 so I didn’t go with that option.

This image ended up being published in the U.S. and several other countries. It was one of my first internationally published photo. This is my favorite photo for this date.

Baptism, Lake Charlevoix, Park of the Pines, Michigan. July 29, 1995.

I like to capture images of significant moments in people’s lives. It was a beautiful day on Lake Charlevoix for talking pictures. I like having a boat in the background which gives this image a sense of place. This is my second place favorite image for this date. It reminds me of another image in this series, a baptism in Haiti.


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