Favorite Photo, July 22

Our family (Janae, Jim III, Jared, Melissa, Jim Jr) on the trail up Flattop Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Saturday, July 22, 1989.

This is far and away one of my most favorite images and my most favorite photo for this date. Melissa and I and our three children were hiking up the trail from Bear Lake to Flattop Mountain. Not only is that a special memory, Melissa and I and my brother John were hiking the same trail August 13, 1969. Melissa and I were engaged at the time. I have a photo of Melissa and my brother at the same exact spot.

20 years apart. The trail up Flattop Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park. 1969 – 1989.

For comparison, here are both images. The tree just barely showing above my brother’s head in the 1969 photo has grown a lot in 20 years, as have the other trees. In the 1969 photo my brother has his foot on a rock that has an elongated triangular shaped shadow. In the 1989 photo our daughter has her foot on the same exact rock with the same triangular shaped shadow.

So both of these photos are very special to me.

OSU Stone Lab Photo Workshop
OSU Stone Lab Photo Workshop, Gibraltar Island, Ohio. July 22, 2011.

Jeremy Bruskotter and I did our first joint photography workshop for The Ohio State University in 2011. This photo is from one of our evening field trips.

Photo taken at one of the Ohio workshops.
Jeremy Bruskotter at Sunrise, Gibraltar Island, Ohio. July 22, 2011.

We did a sunrise field trip every morning.

Butterfly, South Bass Island, Ohio. July 22,2011.

And we went on a field trip to a nature preserve during the day. All three photos are special reminders of the first of 7 years worth of photography workshops for OSU.


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Favorite Photo, August 13 – John, Melissa, and John on the trail up Flattop Mountain