Favorite Photo, July 16

Hummingbird, Fremont California. July 16, 2016.

Doris, my mother-in-law, has a beautiful Lantana in her back yard with numerous orange blossoms. On three consecutive trips to California I would occasionally notice a hummingbird feeding at the Lantana. I would grab a camera and lens but the hummingbird would be gone.


I finally decided to make a serious effort to get a good photograph. I set up my tripod at the door to the back patio, metered for the backlit sunlight, put a flash on the camera and dialed in some minus flash exposure compensation, and waited for however long it would take. On several trips the hummingbird was too far away, or hidden by the Lantana. Then then it finally approached some flowers close to the back door. I got my shot. This is one of my all time favorite wild bird images and my favorite image for this date.


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