Favorite Photo, July 4

Jim and Jennifer, Los Angles. California. July 4, 1999.

Our son, Jim III, married Jennifer on a hot day in the Los Angeles area, July 4, 1999. This is my favorite image for this date.


Terran using CamRanger, Lamoni Iowa. July 4, 2015.

Our grandson Terran is using CamRanger to take pictures using a tripod mounted camera out in his yard. The lens is pointed at a bird feeder. Cam Ranger is a wifi hotspot that can transmit and receive using a laptop or smartphone. On the laptop Terran can see exactly what the camera sees. When he sees a photo he wants, he clicks on the laptop and the camera takes a picture which is then transmitted to the laptop as well as saved on the camera’s memory card. It is a slick way to take picture remotely.

Bird and feeder, Lamoni Iowa. July 4, 2015.

This is one of the images taken with the camera triggered remotely using CamRanger. These are two of my favorite images because this was one of my first tests using CamRanger, and one of our grandsons was doing the live testing.


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