Favorite Photo, May 4

Claret Cup Cactus. White Sands New Mexico.
Claret Cup Cactus. White Sands New Mexico. May 4, 1990.

Another photographer and I were at White Sands National Monument at sunset. We were getting ready to leave when we spotted several Claret Cup cacti. It was long after sunset and our exposures were about 30 seconds long. When we got our slides back we were blown away by the color. The blossoms glowed with an almost electric red. Don’t put your camera away after the sun goes down.

This is my favorite photo for May 4.

Drew and Ryan at bedtime. May 4, 2011.

Two of our grandsons at bedtime. I like the casualness of this image. This is my second favorite photo for this date.


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White Sands National Momument – NPS web site