Favorite Photo, April 29

Sunset, Lake Michigan
Sunset, Lake Michigan. iPhone photo. April 29, 2017.

Bill and Winnie Johnston and I were driving around northern Michigan scouting out potential field trip location for my annual photography workshop on Lake Charlevoix (which is a good location in and of itself). Winnie is in charge of lodging for the workshop and Bill is the cook. They are both excellent photographers. You can see their work here.

It was overcast and drizzly with occasional rain, but that didn’t matter for scouting locations. We had cameras with us but weren’t taking pictures so the light was inconsequential.

It was getting close to sunset when the clouds began to thin out and we started to see a little bit of color to the northwest. We hastily made a beeline for Lake Michigan.

When we arrived at the lake shore we grabbed our cameras and tripods. I was afraid the light might fade before I set up so I grabbed a quick shot with my iPhone. It is my most favorite image for this date.

We use this location at every workshop and we have photographed sunset, stars, the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, and lighting on the lake from this same spot. You can see workshop photos here.

Sunset, Lake Michigan. Canon 5D Mark III. April 29, 2017.

I like the photo I took with my tripod mounted camera too.

Tori, Sue, and Ken, Orland California
Tori, Sue, and Ken, Orland California. April 29, 2011.

If you have been following along on this series, you know I was on a multi-state, family history trip in 2011. I was recording family stories. On my last morning in Orland California I did a casual family portrait of my cousin Sue, her husband Ken, and their daughter Tori. It is one of my favorite images for this date.

Terran, Lamoni Iowa
Terran, Lamoni Iowa. April 29, 2019.

I was at my grandson’s end of the year elementary school music concert. I put on a long lens to catch a photo of him in the choir. Unlike when I was in elementary school and we would mostly just stand on the platform and sing, today’s concerts involve a lot of action with every song. This is one of my favorite photos for today’s date.


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