Favorite Photo, April 18

Faucet Adapter, Columbus Ohio
Faucet Adapter, Columbus Ohio. April 18 2015.

I have two, related, favorite photos for this date and this is one of them. It is an unusual choice.

This outdoor faucet is just a couple of feet around the corner from our front porch. The ends of four hoses used to lay on the ground near this faucet. One hose goes to a soaker hose in a fern and hosta garden. Another goes to a large hose reel that holds 100 feet of hose that can reach the entire front yard and the side yard on the far side of the house. The third hose goes to an outdoor water dish for our dog. The fourth hose is a short 25 foot hose that reaches the pants on the porch and some nearby sun gardens.

Almost every day I was unscrewing one hose from the faucet to attach another to do what I needed to do that day. And sometimes I was changing hoses more than once a day.

It was like finding the promised land the day I spotted the four hose adapter at our favorite garden center. No more changing hoses. I just flip a lever to turn on the hose I want to use and then turn on the faucet. This little gadget save me a lot of time. I love it. That is why this is one of my favorite photos for April 18.

Pansies, Columbus Ohio.
Pansies, Columbus Ohio. April 18, 2018.

Every year I photograph the first flowers to bloom in our neighborhood while I am out walking Sunny, and the first flowers to bloom in our yard. In 2018 it was no contest, because these pansies bloomed all winter. Despite being buried several times in the snow (I took photos as the snow melted) and enduring plenty of cold weather, these pansies never gave up. So it really didn’t matter what date I photographed them. With warmer weather the blooms multiplied.

This is one of the sun gardens I water with the 25 foot hose attached to the faucet adapter. This is my other favorite photo for this date.


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