Tim Grey Recommends Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies

With 12 books, hundreds of magazine articles, over a dozen instructional videos, and numerous workshops to his credit, digital photography expert Tim Grey really knows his stuff. In one of his eNewsletters, Tim gives this excellent recommendation for Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies:

“Book Recommendation

“As you know, I tend to focus most of my energy on helping photographers with their images after the capture. I do lead a variety of field photography workshops, but my focus tends to be more on what happens after the picture is actually taken. When it comes to the actual capture, the most common questions I hear from photographers relate to exposure. I’ve recently discovered a book that helps photographers truly understand exposure, and that knowledge can dramatically improve the quality of your digital photos. The book is Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies, authored by Jim Doty, Jr., and published by Wiley. This book provides you with everything a photographer needs to know in order to truly understand exposure and how it affects the original capture.

“If you’re interested in learning more, or perhaps purchasing a copy of this book, you can learn more through Amazon.com.” – Tim Grey

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You can learn more about Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies here and order it at Amazon.com.


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