Video: Into the Wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen

“Catch of the Day”, © Thomas D. Mangelsen

Tom Mangelsen is a world class wildlife photographer.  His image Catch of the Day has been called the most famous wildlife image of all time. His book Images of Nature has pride of place in my photography library. In this 12 minute video at 60 Minutes you go out into the field with Mangelsen and Anderson Cooper.

One of the best (and saddest) parts of the video is bear 399 in Yellowstone National Park. Mangelsen has been photographing her for years as she raises sets of cubs and wanders in and out of the park. She is a smart bear. She will look both ways before crossing a highway. She will make her cubs stay on one side of the road as she crosses over. Then when it is safe she talks to tells her cubs and tells them to cross the road to her.

Mangelsen’s photos have made her the most famous bear in the world. States adjoining Yellowstone are thinking about making it legal to hunt grizzly bears that wander out of the park. Several hunters have announced they want to be the person that kills 399. I just don’t get it.

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Into the Wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen

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