Hans, Sophie, Cristoph - The White Rose

Hans (left) and Sophie Scholl with Cristoph Probst (right), leaders of “The White Rose” resistance movement. Munich Germany, July 1942.

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Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie were part of “The White Rose”, a group that opposed Hitler and the Nazi party. Hans served as a medic on the Eastern (Russian) front from late July to October 1942. One month later, 300,000 Germans were trapped in Stalingrad and only 5,000 returned to Germany. . . .

Hans and Sophie were arrested February 18, 1943 for distributing leaflets and indicted for treason. They were “tried” February 22, 1843 along with their friend Cristoph Probst, found guilty, and executed by guillotine later the same day. A moving account of the trial and visits with their parents during their last hours is toward the end of this article.

12 or so years ago, my son Jim acquired the above photo. He and his friend Eric wrote the following poem at that time.

— — —

They are the things of nursery rhymes
Such as ones you read to children –
Unknowing toddlers suffering parents’ crimes
And burned beneath the ashes of Dresden:
Petals falling to the ground.
Sophie stares darkly serious
With heavier weight than should be
Allowed for a woman on twenty-one.
But everyone carried burdens.
Three hundred thousand bodies
make the conscience sour,
Shameful that a much larger number
would be necessary to sate one man’s
Thirst, or earn
righteous vengeance.

For Hans, perhaps no healing powers
Ever learned could stop the burns and amputations
from the
Or mend the bleeding of a people
Once vast
Once proud
Once beautiful.
And more than beauty, the daisy
Close to Sophie’s bosom,
In its last bastion of protection
Where life and beauty survive
If only for a moment –

Innocence lost, like blood drained and
Whitened leaving zombies in blind sleep;
Red sapped from passionate roses
Stifling growth,
Cultivating compliance,
Leaving only a single symbol
Of virginity
Of purity
On aninimity

White Rose

– Copyright © Eric Duckworth and Jim Doty III
— — —

You can learn more about Hans, Sophie, and the White Rose here , here, and (if you speak German) here.

Sophie’s story has been made into a critically acclaimed movie that will be released in major U.S cities between February and May. You can learn more about the movie here and here.

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