MERU! Watch It! Stunning Cinematography!

MERU is a stunning documentary film. I watched it last night and was blown away. Again. (It has been several years since I first saw it.) It will be on again Saturday, January 20, 2018 (details below).

Three climbers, one of whom was severely injured in a prior climb (and is risking brain injury due to blood deprivation by making this climb) attempt the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru. Some of the world’s best climbers had attempted to climb the Shark’s Fin and all of them had failed.

There isn’t a film crew in the world with the skills to climb alongside these three to do the filming, so the climbers had to do their own filming when they were up on the Shark’s Fin. That is remarkable in and of itself.

This movie is for anyone who is inspired by the human spirit, by remarkable achievements, by incredible determination, and by bold human endeavors against difficult and dangerous odds.

This movie is for outdoor photographers. The cinematography is stunning and the time lapse photography is amazing.

This movie is for climbers.

TVMA: Adult Language, Adult Content. The “adult content” tag refers to the awful things that happen to climbers who can sustain gruesome injuries and come close to death. So this documentary is not suitable for children. Climbers don’t use nice language when things go terribly wrong.

This documentary will play again on The Movie Channel (TMC), Saturday morning January 20 at 8:05 am. Watch it or set your DVR.

If you don’t have TMC you have about two days to find someone with TMC to record this for you. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime.