My First Post At This Blog

Screen capture of my first post at this blog.

My first post at this photography blog was December 9, 2004, 13 years ago today. The first thing that jumps out at me is the photo could have been edited for a better color balance and exposure. But it was a start.

A Little Bit of Web Site History

The home page of my first site at Angelfire.

This all started with a very primitive site at Angelfire which was launched November 12, 1999. In late 1999 I reserved the domain name On December 17, 1999 I put up a one page marker site with Dreamhost as the hosting company.  I added 2 pages to the site in May and a few more pages in mid-June.  Finally, on June 25-26, 2000, I divided the site into sections and added 30 pages. I consider June 25, 2000 the “official” launch date of

When I decided I needed a blog, I started a fill in the blanks blog at BlogSpot March 8, 2003. It was fun but it didn’t give me exactly what I wanted. I decided I wanted a blog powered by WordPress that wasn’t at someone else’s domain name.  Dreamhost made that really easy to do by adding a sub-domain to and Dreamhost has a simple WordPress install. So was born December 9, 2004.

The future of BlogSpot was uncertain so I moved some of the posts from my older blog to my new blog and kept the original dates, so the oldest dated post at my new blog is the first post from my original blog, dated March 8. 2003. You can see the original blog here. For a while I double posted some posts to both blogs. The archives of the original blog are no longer available so you can’t go back in time.

In May 2011 I re-did the look of Before I did that, I moved the original version of to To see what used to look like,  go here.

Posted December 9, 2017. Updated November 9, 2019.


Jim’s Photo Page – My original site at Angelfire.

Jim Doty – Photo Blog – My original blog. The “Archives” no longer work. – The original look of before it was revised. – The current version of my site.

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