Best Advanced Exposure Book

I have no idea how Michael Freeman can be a well traveled, international photographer and still find time to write so many terrific photography books. But somehow he manages to do both. I suspect he never sleeps. I imagine him creating images and writing books 24 hours a day, stopping only to eat once or twice a week!!

Perfect Exposure, The Professional Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs is a terrific book, with a comprehensive and detailed look at how professional’s go about determining exposure. Let me suggest that this should not be your first book on exposure. You should begin with (drum roll please), something like my own book, Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies (more about my book here).

Once you have read about, practiced, and mastered the beginning to advanced exposure skills in my book, you will be filled the the exhilaration of photographic accomplishment. You will be wondering what you should tackle next. It is time to dig into Michael Freeman’s book. Michael will reinforce a lot of what you have already learned in my book. Then he will give you guidance as to how to meter in a variety of lighting situations. Then he will lead you through the very important arena of post processing. Most of his book is about the nitty-gritty technical side of exposure. He won’t spend a lot of time with the artistic side of exposure like you will find in mine. The content of the two books complement each other. You will have a great time.

You can buy both exposure books here .