How to Choose the Best iPhone Lenses

iPhone photography has become a huge thing. According to Flickr, their millions of users take more pictures with an iPhone (47%) than any other camera. A lot of iPhone photographers are looking for add on lenses for their phone, and that may include you. So which lenses are the best?

Posted Sep, 19, 2017. Revised and expanded Dec. 2, 2017.

There is no easy answer to that question. Image quality is important of course, but so is cost with some add on lenses costing $500. The model of iPhone matters since some excellent lenses fit some iPhone models but not others.

Schneider Optics Pro

And then their is huge matter of the preferred iPhone case. With some lens systems you have use their case to use their lenses. If you have a favorite case that you won’t part with (my case of choice is a Mophie), that limits your choices. Moment makes some of the best lenses but you have to attach a strip across the back of the phone to use their lenses. The Moment strip is not compatible with a Mophie case, much to my disappointment.


So it means finding the best add on lenses for your iPhone and your preferences will require a bit of research. You will need to decided if you want to keep your current iPhone case or if you are open to a system where you need to buy their case. How much do you want to spend? You will want to find the best lenses you can that will match your budget.  To help you out I put together a list of iPhone lens reviews so you can find high quality lenses that will match your preferences. The first three articles are my favorites.


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How to Choose the Best iPhone Lenses

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