You Can Still Buy Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses if You Act Now!

It is getting very hard to find safe solar eclipse glasses that comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. A week ago I found ten safe vendors of solar eclipse viewing and photography products. Nine of those vendors are now out of stock. The good news is the David Chandler Company has them in stock so you can order now with no delays.

Originally posted August 5, 2017. Updated August 8, 2017.

Just go here. You can buy five pair of eclipse glasses for $9.25 plus shipping. Do it now before they run out of stock.

Why David Chandler Company? They are on the approved list of vendors put out by the American Astronomical Society (AAS). That means their eclipsed glasses have been tested using a “spectrophotometer that shines intense UV, visible, and IR light through the filter and measures how much gets through at each wavelength”. AAS

This is especially important now because Amazon and other online markets have been flooded by counterfeit eclipse glasses that are not safe to use. Read this article.

You can not tell the unsafe fake products from the real safe ones just by looking at them. (with the exception is a few of the exceptionally bad fakes that have spelling mistakes.) But most of the fakes are impossible to detect. That is why the experts now say you should not buy any eclipse products at Amazon unless it is being sold by an AAS approved vendor. I would suggest you go one step farther. Buy directly from an approved vendor at their own web site, not at Amazon.

David Chandler Company is one of those approved vendors. You will find them listed under the “Astronomy, Science & Optics Vendors” category at this page of the AAS web site.

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