Total Immersion Nature Photography Workshop in Northern Colorado

Are you ready to take your nature and wildlife photography to the next level? Are you ready to learn the professional secrets that make the difference between good images and great images? Are you ready for a high intensity, action packed, total immersion photography experience? Come to Estes Park Colorado, September 25-27, 2017 and hone your photography skills in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. You can also stay longer for the photo excursion.

Field Trip.

This total immersion experience has the ideal mixture of intensive exploration sessions and practical photo activities, combined with “go out and do it” field trips.

Exploration Session. Mastering depth of field.

In the exploration sessions you will learn the concepts, techniques, and skills the pros use to consistently create beautiful, eye-catching images. Minutes later you will be outside practicing those techniques and skills. Then we go on “put it all together” field trips in gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park. We start before sunrise and don’t stop until long after sunset.

Field Trip in the moonlight.

Fall is a great time to be in Rocky Mountain National Park. The aspen turn gold, the bull elk are bugling as part of the rutting season, and other wildlife are very active as they get ready for winter.

Field Trip.

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Field Trip, The Milky Way.

For a quick idea what the workshop is like, do a quick scan of the images on this page. Then go back and read the testimonials to see what this workshop can do for you. Join us in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Register soon!

Field Trip.


“I began to read every book about photography that I could get my hands on. I also enrolled in a nature photography class taught by Jim Doty. Jim’s class proved incredibly helpful, covering many specific techniques employed by professional photographers that weren’t in any of the dozens of books I owned. Jim’s class helped me to develop technically, and the results were instantly apparent.” – Jeremy Bruskotter (Jeremy is now shooting professionally in his natural resources research and for his classes at The Ohio State University.)

Field Trip, The Milky Way. We use red headlamps to change camera settings at night and we all “go dark” together while our shutters are open..

“Thanks again for a fantastic experience at the workshop. I’m really itching to re-read the book, get the camera out and practice all of these new skills.” – Andreas S

Field Trip.

“Amazing Workshop – I’ve been to several (over the years). Don’t miss the next one.” – Bob W

Photo Activity.

” ‘Take it all in, and give it all back.’ This is precisely what Jim Doty did at his workshop. I was so impressed by how many “trade secrets” he freely shared. I couldn’t learn as much as I did in this workshop on my own, if I worked hard for years.  I honestly feel that if I apply and practice what I learned from his workshop, my photography will significantly improve! His personality and love for teaching are as impressive as his photos. – Besma A

Exploration Session. Mastering the camera controls most people never use.

I just want to say thanks for a great workshop!  I have had my DSLR camera for a number of years now, always playing with it and trying different things.  I always thought I could just teach myself with photography books and the camera manual and not really need to take a class.  I always thought, I have an Art degree, I understand composition and color – now I just need to learn the tool and thought I could do it myself.  But even after reading and re-reading and trying different things, my photos didn’t always do what I wanted.  Your session helped pull so many aspects of photography together and helped me to see and use my camera in new ways, and helped me understand all those aspects I was trying to learn about!  You also helped me to remember that I can also try things with my photos to make them more artistic and to not be afraid to do that. Thanks for that!Travis S

Field Trip.

“Jim’s workshop was incredibly helpful. I learned so much from just one day with him that my photo quality improved that same day! I still have a lot to learn but what a difference his workshop made for me. I would definitely recommend his workshop to anyone who needs help improving their photo quality.” – Gena B

Field Trip, park bus lights at night.

“Jim Doty’s workshop is excellent. Very down to earth and not so technical to the point of being intimidating.” – Steve S

Field Trip. Shooting at twilight and waiting fro the stars to come out.

“The amount and quality of information was more than I had hoped for.” – Alan M

Field Trip.

“Dear Jim:  On behalf of my clients and “fans” on my web site I want to thank you for the influence you have had on my growth and development as a professional nature photography. Your classes made the business of photography understandable and exciting. In my case, the way you simplified the creation of images that impact the viewer, has made my efforts rewarding spiritually and financially. I have enjoyed sharing my work with thousands of viewers via the many exhibitions and shows I have presented. Sincerest thanks for your patience and commitment to introducing me to a vocation of creating images in nature.”Bob Lemieux

Field Trip, Lunar Eclipse.

“Jim, I absolutely love your photography workshop!  Since I love photography, my husband gave me this gift of your workshop for our anniversary gift (39 years) and he even came with me! We have learned so much more about photography than we ever dreamed existed. You have made it so fun and your love of photography really shines through. My husband decided to get his own camera even, and we are so excited to practice what we’ve learned. Thank you so much for teaching us so much with such enthusiasm.” – Pat D

Field Trip.

“Jim Doty gives the most warm, intense, wonderful photographic digital workshop. He is truly a gift to those who choose to attend.” – Win M

The photographers are in the house.

“I really had no idea how much you could manipulate a camera to get such great images without using Photoshop. I found it amazing!” – Melissa D

Field Trip.

“We have learned so much more about photography than we ever dreamed existed. Thank you so much for teaching us so much with such enthusiasm.” – Pat D

Field Trip.

“It’s clear how passionate you are about photography. You get the class excited too. You give great amounts of info, all useful. Thanks for everything!”  – Wendy

Photo Activity, closeup techniques.

“Jim told us at the start that we would be given more information than we could absorb in a day, and he was certainly right in my case; but now I have a better idea of what CAN be done and have the resources to expand on my knowledge and skills with a camera I’ve used for years! I am familiarized with the liberties I can take with my camera and know how to search for features to better my picture taking. I had NO IDEA my camera was capable of so much!”Vickie R


Field Trip. Note the green double bubble levels.

“Great Workshop! I can use your material to quickly become a better photographer.” – Jim T

Field Trip.

“Your workshop renewed and re-excited my interest in photography. I have some new ideas and ways to ‘up my game’.” – Don M

Field Trip.

“Jim’s workshop showed me the way to put my DSLR’s features to use and the advantages of knowing why and how they function. Easy to follow and understand.” – Gene S

Field Trip in a light rain.

“Hi Jim – I can’t wait to get to get out into the field and put what I learned into practice. As you say, Happy Shooting!” – Becky W

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Field Trip.


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