How to Photograph a Model Walking and Jumping

Photo by Melissa Rodwell

Photo by Melissa Rodwell

There is more to photographing a model walking and jumping than simply having a model walk and jump while you click the shutter. There are some do’s and don’ts.

Acclaimed fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell gives you some pointers in this 5 minute video during a fashion shoot. You have to pay to see most of the content at The Breed but watching this video is free.

Melissa Rodwell in Genlux.

Melissa Rodwell in Genlux. Click to see a larger version.

You should find it comforting that sometimes Rodwell’s timing is off and she misses some shots, just like the rest of us. Shooting for high end magazines around the world does not mean every shot is a keeper, far from it. And she does some shots over and over again.

Watch and learn.


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