Art Wolfe – Don’t Miss Your Chance To Download This Free Photography Video

Chamonix Needles & Lac Blanc, France. Photo © Art Wolfe.

Chamonix Needles & Lac Blanc, France. Photo © Art Wolfe.

Art Wolfe is a world class photographer. If I could pick only 5 photographers to go out and shoot with, Art would be on that list. His work is stunning. I own several of his books, some for inspiration and some for “how to” information. So I jumped at the chance to get his 30 minute video, “Ten Deadly Sins of Composition”.

You can download the video on this page. I have no idea how long this opportunity will last so do it now.

Kayapo Girl. Photo © Art Wolfe

Kayapo Girl. Photo © Art Wolfe

Why is Creative Live giving this away? That is obvious. They think watching this 30 minute video will inspire photographers to buy the whole 15 lesson video course for $59. And buying the course is not a bad idea. Art is one of the best of the best.

Buying his books is a good idea too. And have I mentioned his seminars and workshops? See the links below.

Salt. Photo © Art Wolfe.

Salt. Photo © Art Wolfe.

If Art Wolfe doesn’t inspire you to go out and create stunning images, well . . . .

Video Link

Ten Deadly Sins of Composition – 30 minute video at Creative Live.

Book Links

Article: Photographic Composition, The Best Book.  My absolute favorite introduction to photographic composition is The Art of the Photograph: Essential Habits for Stronger Compositions. You can order it here.

Art Wolfe is the author of several coffee table books filled with his gorgeous images, like  Edge of the Earth, Corner of the Sky,  Travels to the Edge, A Photo Odyssey, and The Living Wild.  You can find more here. I read these books for inspiration.

If you want to learn how to be a better photographer, I’ve already mentioned The Art of the Photograph: Essential Habits for Stronger Compositions. It is a must read. Art has co-authored two “how to” books. The New Art of Photographing Nature is the more comprehensive book (The Art of Nature Photography is the original version which you can still find on the used book market). A much shorter book is Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel and Adventure Photographers.

All these books are at my powered photography store. Same great Amazon price, service, and guarantee, and you help support my web sites. Thanks!

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