Find and Photograph Comet ZTF Tonight (February 10)

Night sky looking west around 11:30 pm local time. Click the photo for a larger version.

Tonight is a good night to find Comet ZTF because it will be near an obvious bright object in the sky. I created this image of the sky February 6 around 11:30 pm looking generally west. This photo is your guide to find Comet ZTF. Tomorrow night (Feb 11) works too).

Orion in the lower left is pretty obvious with three belt stars, 3 stars marking the sword scabbard, and the four stars marking the shoulders and knees. Orion should be obvious to you as you look southwest tonight.

The Pleiades in the lower right look like a tiny version of the Big Dipper. To the left of the Pleiades is a “V” shaped set of stars pointing down that mark the head of Taurus the bull. Above and to the right of the Taurus-V is a bright yellow object. That is the planet Mars that I marked with an arrow.

Mars is your key object for finding Comet ZTF. The comet will be a faint, fuzzy shaped object above and close to Mars. Find Mars in your binoculars and look above Mars just a bit to find the comet.  To photograph the comet, point your lens at Mars and follow the instruction in the article linked below.

If you miss the comet tonight, tomorrow night (February 11) Mars will be above and to the left of Mars. February 12 it will be even farther to the left.


How to Photograph Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3)