Channeling My Inner Tim Fitzharris

California Poppies
California Golden Poppies, Fremont California. April 3, 2001.

Quite by chance I spotted some California Golden Poppies on the campus of Ohlone College in Fremont California. This was an unexpected treasure. I stopped in a nearby parking lot, put a 15mm semi-fisheye lens on my camera, put my camera almost on the ground and started shooting up at the flowers with the sun in the background. The side of my head was in the dirt as I looked up through the camera’s viewfinder to get things lined up. Tim Fitzharris gets some credit for inspiring images like this.

Books by Tim Fitzharris.

I became acquainted with Tim’s photography in the mid-1990s and started buying his “how to” photography books. I learned a lot and he became part of my development as a photographer. I highly recommend Tim’s books. They will make a dramatic difference in your photography (link below). I pulled these books off the shelf to take a picture for this article but these are just four of Tim’s many books.

California Golden Poppies by Tim Fitzharris.

I love this image. It was images like this that made me want to find some California Golden Poppies. When I am out taking pictures the ideas and concepts that I learned from Tim have become a part of my photography. When I create some of my better images I like to think I am channeling a bit of Tim Fitzharris.

Mt. Sneffels from County Road 7 (Dallas Creek).
Mt. Sneffels (on the left) and the Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado. October 3, 2014.

Mt. Sneffels and the Sneffels Range is one of the best places in Colorado to capture fall colors with a stunning mountain range as the backdrop. This photo was taken from County Road 7 about 7 miles south of CO-62. As you leave Colorado Highway 62 and drive south, the first 7 miles do not have any spectacular viewpoints. Then you come to a turn in the road and this beautiful valley comes in to view.

Mt. Sneffels (on the right), the Sneffels Range, and fall aspen by Tim Fitzharris.

As I prepared this article I looked through Tim’s images for subject matter or locations that were similar to some of my images. Tim was at a location farther east than me for his image of the Sneffels Range. He might have been on County Road 5. County Roads 5, 7, and 9 in Ouray County all have beautiful views when you get to the right places in the road.

East and West Beckwith Mountains, Kebler Pass, Colorado. September 29, 2019.

In the fall of 2019 I was on Kebler Pass for the first time. Fall colors were running about a week late that year so the huge expanse of aspens was still pretty green, but still a glorious sight. This is one of the largest aspen groves in the world. The view here is to the south so West Beckwith Mountain is on the right.

East Beckwith Mountain by Tim Fitzharris.

In this beautiful image, Tim caught the aspen at a better time of year with late afternoon sunlight kissing the peaks. The snow on East Beckwith Mountain adds a touch of magic to this image. Tim created this image a few miles east of my photo location on the Kebler Pass road.

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