A Full Year of Photo Projects, Arranged by Season

Tom Ang: Digital Photography Through the Year and The Complete Photographer.

Looking for a series of photo projects to inspire you for a full year? Tom Ang wrote a great book with 144 projects arranged by season. He also wrote an excellent companion volume arranged by topics.

Digital Photography Through the Year, by Tom Ang is an excellent collection of photo projects for the whole year. It takes you through all 12 seasons (each season is divided into three parts, early, mid, and late) and Ang gives you twelve projects to work on for each season. That is a total of 144 projects to keep you busy throughout the year. That comes out to 12 projects per month, or almost 3 projects per week. There are plenty of suggestions for doing each project and lots of ideas for improving your photography. It is an excellent way to stretch your photography skills.

If you are not already acquainted with Tom Ang, you are in for a real treat. He is one of the very best digital photography writers, and he writes first rate “how to” photography books.

Tom Ang also wrote the companion book, Digital Photography, The Complete Photographer. Both books were on sale and side by side when I found them. I already have several of his terrific books so I did not hesitate at all when I grabbed these two. I am glad I did.

Digital Photography, The Complete Photographer is topical approach to photography. Ang has lessons in several genres and he includes interviews with a who’s who list of photographers who are first rate specialists in one of the specific genres. The topics covered are: portrait photography, landscape photography, fashion and nude photography, wildlife and nature photography, sports photography, documentary photography, event and milestone photography, travel photography, architecture photography, and fine art photography. So if you have a broad range of photographic interests, this book is for you. It is an excellent companion to Digital Photography Through the Year.

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